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bug#8492: 23.3; Time to use a different binding for completion?

From: David De La Harpe Golden
Subject: bug#8492: 23.3; Time to use a different binding for completion?
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 17:41:41 +0100
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On 20/04/11 15:16, Stefan Monnier wrote:
Since this problem has been around for a long time and no good key has
popped up during this time, I believe that using TAB is the
way forward, which means we need to figure out ways to make it work in
the cases where it currently doesn't.
I am inclined to agree that that is the path of least resistance; I
think it remains to be demonstrated that two lots of magic can be
loaded on to the same key, but I'm prepared to give it a go!

Of course, pursuing this route doesn't preclude pursuing other routes at
the same time.  So, people should feel free to suggest other keys to use
for completion.

Well, given that the usual mapping on x.org X11 is, for better or worse,

Alt key => Meta
Windows/other-symbol* key => super

then perhaps additionally binding s-TAB out-of-box might be worth considering? I expect it's mostly people with keyboards with such keys who have trouble with M-TAB (and also apparently don't like C-M-i and ESC TAB).

(Though you might get people then trying to use such a default binding as precedent to put all sorts of stuff on s-blah, sigh...)

Uh, but then given w32 emacs apparently sees "lwindow"/"rwindow" instead of "super" when you press the windows keys (testing in wine not real windows), w32 emacs may also need to be adjusted to map them to left/right super by default and treat them as modifiers. Note that such a mapping would be consistent with typical x11 as above, but also arguably with macosx, where "command" (⌘) is often taken to send super** - and when you plug a pc keyboard into a mac, the windows keys become "command" by default. Yes, macosx, gnustep and x11 all allow fairly easy adjustment, I'm just talking about out-of-box defaults.

(Of course, I also don't know if windows itself is now using WindowsKey-TAB for anything, I know it used not to.)

I'm one of the people who puts any window manager bindings on super in the first place (windows key, innit...), obviously easy to do in common X11 window managers, so don't need any of this personally (in fact I put what windows has on Alt-Tab on Super-Tab so I wouldn't even see it), it's just a suggestion.

* You can get keyboards with a penguin there. :-)

** note how emacs/lisp/term/ns-win-el has a bunch of super bindings out-of-box, saying "Here are some Nextstep-like bindings for command key sequences."...

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