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bug#8652: 24.0.50; incorrect indentation in (elisp) Special Properties

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#8652: 24.0.50; incorrect indentation in (elisp) Special Properties
Date: Wed, 11 May 2011 11:22:41 -0700

> > The reference sections, such as `--Variable:', should 
> > follow the same indentation throughout the manual.
> Why?  What bad things happen if they don't?
> > In (elisp) Special Properties, the two `--Variable:' sections are
> > indented too far; they should be indented to only column 1, as in
> > the rest of the manual.
> That's because they are pertinent to the `point-entered' and
> `point-left' properties, and so are sub-items of their parent item.
> Having them indented as you suggest would make them stand out of the
> surrounding text, which IMO isn't right.

The description of `inhibit-point-motion-hooks' makes it clear what it pertains
to.  This is so regardless of the indentation.

The description of `show-help-function' does not, however.  It is not at all
clear - even with the extra indentation - what the scope of this variable's
effect is (the fact that it is somehow "pertinent [only] to the `point-entered'
and `point-left' properties").  The description suggests that it affects the
display of help strings _in general_.  And nothing in the description says what
it does, in particular, for properties `point-entered' and `point-left'.  Just
how is it pertinent only to them?

You will do whatever you want, of course. ;-)  Just letting you know.

This is the _only_ place in the manual where the indentation is different.

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