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bug#8667: 24.0.50; `bounds-of-thing-at-point' returns (N . N) for `comme

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#8667: 24.0.50; `bounds-of-thing-at-point' returns (N . N) for `comment'
Date: Sat, 21 May 2011 07:51:26 -0700

> > That's clearly no good for thing-at-point, in general.
> Guess where I think the problem lies?

Good, so you recognize there is a problem.  The bug is that `thing-at-point' and
`bounds-of-thing-at-point' can return non-nil for type `comment' when there is
no comment at point.  The former returns a purely whitespace string; the latter
returns its bounds as a cons.

You seem to suggest that the problem, and the proper fix, involves thingatpt.el,
not `forward-comment'.  That sounds fine to me.

One way or the other, however, this needs to be fixed.

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