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bug#8712: 24.0.50; getting the "Forgot to expand macro XXXX" error - pro

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#8712: 24.0.50; getting the "Forgot to expand macro XXXX" error - problem? solution?
Date: Sun, 22 May 2011 13:00:24 -0700

> I think the patch below fixes your problem, thanks.  Please confirm.

I patched the corresponding functions by hand, loaded their original source
files, then loaded the patched functions.  I then byte-compiled
icicles-cmd[12].el.  No byte-compilation errors, so it seems, at least on the
surface, that this is fixed.  The compilation was _very_ slow, but that's no
doubt because I used the source code rather than byte-compiled code.

Thanks for the fix.

I do have a question about the follownig warning, however (which I have not
seen/noticed before):

 (lambda (opt) ...) quoted with ' rather than with #'

That presumably comes from a defmacro that has, in effect, this:

 ` ... (let* (... (something (lambda (opt)...))))

That is, an unquoted lambda inside a backquote.  The backquote expands to (quote
(lambda...)) no doubt.

I have a few such macros, and I use them heavily.  I get this same warning
zillions of times (460 times just for icicles-cmd1.el, 30 times for
icicles-cmd2.el).  This is quite annoying.

What is the suggested/recommended way to write such code, to avoid this warning?
Do I now need to add #' in front of a lambda inside a backquote?

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