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bug#8751: 24.0.50; CCL is broken

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#8751: 24.0.50; CCL is broken
Date: Mon, 30 May 2011 13:01:51 -0300
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Paul, can you take a look at this?  It seems this was introduced very
recently, probably by

        * ccl.c (ccl_driver): Redo slightly to avoid the need for 'unsigned'.

        ccl: add integer overflow checks
        (IN_INT_RANGE): New macros.
        (ccl_driver): Use them to check for integer overflow when
        decoding a CCL program.  Many of the new checks are whether XINT (x)
        fits in int; it doesn't always, on 64-bit hosts.  The new version
        doesn't catch all possible integer overflows, but it's an
        improvement.  (Bug#8719)

-- Stefan

>>>>> "Kazuhiro" == Kazuhiro Ito <address@hidden> writes:

> Below code raises error "Error in CCL program at 4th code" on trunk.
> (progn
>   (define-ccl-program ccl-test
>     '(1 (loop
>        (read r0)
>        (write-repeat r0))))
>   (ccl-execute-on-string 'ccl-test (make-vector 9 0) "_"))

> -- 
> Kazuhiro Ito

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