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bug#8505: 24.0.50; frame grows horizontally if scroll-bar-mode is non-ni

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: bug#8505: 24.0.50; frame grows horizontally if scroll-bar-mode is non-nil
Date: Sun, 05 Jun 2011 21:08:29 +0200
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I've checked in a fix. But it occured to me that the wrong thing will happen if the theme is changed while Emacs runs, and the theme changed to has the wider scroll bar. Can you change theme in Gnome 3?

        Jan D.

Daiki Ueno skrev 2011-06-03 11.38:
(Cc'ed Jan)

Daiki Ueno<address@hidden>  writes:

If I build emacs with ./configure --with-x-toolkit=gtk3 and start it
with emacs -Q, the width of the Emacs window is growing with the lapse
of time.

OK, I finally got it.  This can be reproduced only with specific gtk-3.0
themes (including GNOME3 default), where some widget properties have
larger values than Emacs expects.

Currently Emacs expects the scrollbar width at most 16 pixels.


  x_set_scroll_bar_default_width (struct frame *f)
    int wid = FRAME_COLUMN_WIDTH (f);

    /* A minimum width of 14 doesn't look good for toolkit scroll bars.  */
    int width = 16 + 2 * VERTICAL_SCROLL_BAR_WIDTH_TRIM;

However, gnome-themes-standard wants to render scrollbars in 22-pixel width.


  .scrollbar {
      background-image: none;
      border-style: solid;
      -GtkRange-trough-border: 2;
      -GtkRange-arrow-scaling: 0.444;
      -GtkRange-slider-width: 18;
      -GtkRange-stepper-size: 18;

22 pixels = slider-width(18) + trough-border(2) * 2

I confirmed that my problem is fixed if I increase the default width to

Since it happens with GNOME3 default theme, I would appreciate if it
will be fixed before the pretest, though I don't know how easy to let
Emacs to take account of GTK theme properties.


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