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bug#8807: map-char-table alters cons cells used as events

From: Jonathan Ganc
Subject: bug#8807: map-char-table alters cons cells used as events
Date: Sun, 05 Jun 2011 23:50:19 -0500
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In using map-char-table, I've encountered something which is either a bug or at least unexpected to me. Here is a minimal listing producing the result:

(let ((ct (make-char-table 'keymap)) permev)
  (set-char-table-range ct '(1 . 2) 'binding)
   (lambda (event defn)
     (setq permev event)
     (insert (prin1-to-string permev)))
  (insert (concat "\n" (prin1-to-string permev)))

This produces:
(1 . 2)
(3 . 4194303)
, so that map-char-table alters the cons cell being used as an output range than producing a new one. I would have expected:
(1 . 2)
(1 . 2)
Is this the desired behavior? (I understand that I can work around this behavior by manually copying the cons cell.)


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