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bug#8562: Emacs 23.1 and later don't work in windows 98

From: oslsachem
Subject: bug#8562: Emacs 23.1 and later don't work in windows 98
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2011 21:25:55 +0200

>> So if you call GetGlyphOutlineW through a function pointer, like you
>> did with the other 2 functions, and do NOT link against libunicows, do
>> you then get a working binary?  It would be good to run such a binary
>> for a while, and see if something else is broken, if you can afford
>> that.
> Of course, I will check it.

The binary works without any noticeable problem.


Well, it has a glitch: when the window is maximized, clicking on the
help menu item "about Emacs" brings out an alternative version of this
buffer which doesn't have the Emacs logotype, has a slightly different
phrasing and its links are no longer coloured.


But I have checked that this glitch also happens in the version of
Emacs built with libunicows, and it still appears in the trunk
version.  And it already appeared in Emacs-22.3 but I hadn't noticed
until now.  In any case, only under windows 98.


- AppendMenuW is called through a function pointer and is a stub
(error 120), but this is handled by subsequent code.
- ExtTextOutW doesn't produce an error so, apparently, this function
is not a stub in windows 98.
- Again, the breakpoints I have set for the calls to the other unicode
functions are never reached before the Emacs window is opened and is
operative and then, after a while, I simply quit.

In a second build, I have tried using the unicows implementation of
AppendMenuW and I have noticed that the menu items tooltips no longer

I have built an updated trunk version of Emacs with the same changes
applied and it works equally well.


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