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bug#8862: compilation-window-height no good anymore

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#8862: compilation-window-height no good anymore
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 19:14:44 +0200
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> I used to have
> setq compilation-window-height 111
> in my .emacs, but starting this week, I get a cannot resize window error
> upon M-x compiles.

Same here.

> I just was hoping to have a big window.

By default `compile' tries to split off a window for the compilation
buffer and, when faced with the problem to make that window 111 lines
high, calls `enlarge-window' which, with the old behavior, automatically
deleted all other windows on your frame and then used the remaining big
window (but not 111 lines even on your screen, I suppose;-)).

In the current version, windows are no longer deleted automatically.  So
when you want to make a window that's too large to fit onto the frame in
question (respecting the minimumm heights of other windows on the frame)
Emacs issues an error message.

If you really want one big window for your compilation buffer, you
should create an entry in `display-buffer-alist' (I know you don't like
it but I recommend to use the customization interface when doing this
for the first time) which might look like

(((name . "*compilation*")) (reuse-window same nil nil))

telling the buffer display mechanism to simply use the selected window
for displaying the buffer (and not split the window as it would do by
default).  If you want a more sophisticated behavior, please tell me.


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