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bug#8862: compilation-window-height no good anymore

From: jidanni
Subject: bug#8862: compilation-window-height no good anymore
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 21:10:03 +0800

>>>>> "mr" == martin rudalics <address@hidden> writes:

mr> You might have to adjust the name if that of your compilation buffer is
mr> not *compilation*.

Well it certainly isn't,

 %* *compilation /home/jidanni/*             174  Compilation:exit
 %* *compilation /cf/updates/*               184  Compilation:exit

As I seem to use

(defun jidanni-compilation-buffer-name-function (maj-mode)
"my buffer name individualizer.  Helps me not to stomp forgotten
compilation logs so fast... maybe upon exiting emacs, we should also
somehow ask about compilation buffers that we haven't taken a look at
after their compilation finished."
(concat "*" (downcase maj-mode) " "
;(file-name-nondirectory default-directory....) ;too bad I don't know how
;to do an exact replica of "basname `pwd`" but in lisp. So I guess
;I'll have to settle for
(setq compilation-buffer-name-function

etc. from http://jidanni.org/comp/configuration/

So now what?

It seems your stuff isn't as dynamic as it should be.

Maybe I should put something in a hook to max out the window.

Well I bet I used to do that long ago.

Then they made some new way, and I followed that.

Anyway it is all in


just waiting for you to give me the 2011 year's solution.


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