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bug#8865: 24.0.50; `display-buffer' does not respect `pop-up-frames'

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#8865: 24.0.50; `display-buffer' does not respect `pop-up-frames'
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 22:44:37 -0400
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>> Depends on the intention behind that test, I guess.
> The intention of that test has to be to determine whether
> `pop-up-frames' is nil or non-nil, since that was the original design
> of `pop-up-frames'.

You're describing the test, not its intention.

> Non-nil was designed to mean that `display-buffer' uses another frame.

Actually, it's a bit more complex than that, since display-buffer may
use another frame even if pop-up-frames is nil (e.g. via
special-display-buffer-names), or it may use the same frame even when
pop-up-frames is non-nil, e.g. if it's already displayed.

Do you have some example to point to, so we can try and see what new
predicate to define to provided the needed info?


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