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bug#8911: bs-cycle-next deletes window in some cases.

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#8911: bs-cycle-next deletes window in some cases.
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 19:53:01 -0700

> > I would like `bury-buffer' to be decoupled from 
> > iconification.  I would like `bury-buffer' to do
> > nothing particular wrt dedicated windows.
> I'm not sure what "particular" means here.

I explained what it means in the earlier mail:

| [from the doc string:]
|  "Also, if BUFFER-OR-NAME is nil or omitted,
|   remove the current buffer from the selected window
|   if it is displayed there."
| It is impossible to "remove the current buffer from the
| selected window" if that window is dedicated, so this
| secondary behavior naturally becomes a no-op in that case.
| If the window is dedicated, then I'd rather see one of
| these behaviors than I would iconification of the buffer's
| frame:
| a. Do nothing wrt the display.  See above: a no-op wrt display.
| b. Delete the frame.
| Perhaps the best approach is (a) above: have `bury-buffer'
| just bury the buffer (i.e. affect the buffer order) and
| not have it do anything wrt the display in this case.

IOW, not disappear or move in any way - an unchanged display.  The only effect
would be the change in buffer order that is the raison d'etre of `bury-buffer':
make it least likely to be used as `other-buffer'.

> Part of the drive behind iconification is that I want
> bury-buffer to be a sort of reverse-display-buffer,

As I also said earlier, to me (and per the doc string and the function's past
behavior) `bury-buffer' is not about display.  (That is, it is only secondarily
about display, and only in the one particular case quoted above.)

`bury-buffer' is about reducing the priority of the buffer in the buffer order -
e.g., for `other-buffer'.

Of course display can come into play later, when `other-buffer' (or some other
function) does its thing, which can involve display.  But `bury-buffer' should
not be about affecting the current display of buffers, except in the one case
documented.  At least that would be my preference, I think.

For the case in question (dedicated), if the buffer is to be made to "disappear"
then my (second) choice would be for it to disappear via `delete-frame', not

The reason is primarily the annoyance that iconifying can produce - on Windows
it is kind of animated, essentially sweeping across the display down to the task
bar.  With frame deletion it just disappears instantly - poof.

> such that display-buffer followed by bury-buffer should be
> a no-op (I know it's not always the case), so as to replace
> save-window-excursion with something that does not impose
> nesting and that works with frames.

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