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bug#8931: 24.0.50; url-http.el terminating HTTP packets with extra carri

From: Nicolas Avrutin
Subject: bug#8931: 24.0.50; url-http.el terminating HTTP packets with extra carriage return and newline
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 15:45:36 -0400

`browse-url-emacs' and `url-retrieve-synchronously' (and probably other functions) appear to be generating malformed HTTP packets by appending an extra \r\n to the packet, resulting in them being terminated with "\r\n\r\n" instead of "\r\n". Some pages (such as http://www.google.com) to still return properly and just send back a packet saying that the sent packet was malformed. Other pages, in my case last.fm's client API (access via emms-lastfm-client) return 400 Bad Request. In addition, this causes Wireshark to report the packet as "HEAD / HTTP/1.1 Continuation or non-HTTP traffic".

Removing the "\r\n" on line 341 of url-http.el (see attached patch) removes the duplicate "'\r\n" and appears to fix the issue. Calls to last.fm's client API return 200 OK as expected and Wireshark properly reports the packet as "HEAD / HTTP/1.1". Google, however, still reports a malformed packet.

This bug is preset in Emacs 23.1, but is not in 23.2. My patch restores the line to what it was in 23.2, but I do not know if it was changed for a reason or in error.

Nicolas Avrutin

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