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bug#8856: 24.0.50; regression: special-display-frame is no longer dedica

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#8856: 24.0.50; regression: special-display-frame is no longer dedicated
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2011 09:15:25 -0700

> I downloaded your Icicles tarball and tried with throw-10.  Everything
> seems to work as expected including focus redirection and resurrection
> of an iconified Completions frame.

There should be no iconfied Completions frame in the test I gave you.

The problem arises only when the Completions frame is newly _created_, as I
tried to explain.  If you use `M-x f TAB o' (recipe) after the frame has already
been created then the input focus is not a problem.

If you have the frame already, then please delete it and try `M-x f TAB o'

> So if you don't use any additional strings the problem seems
> fixed.  I can't tell why it doesn't work on your machine.

As I said, it's possible that this is Windows-specific.  Windows is I think
(thought) a bit peculiar when it comes to its auto-selecting a new frame -  but
you said that most window mgrs do that now.  I still wonder if this isn't
Windows-specific, since you cannot reproduce it and it is systematic for me when
I follow the same recipe.

> Maybe some .el files have to be recompiled in order to work
> with my later fixes

Do you mean my .el or .el from Emacs sources?  In the files I provided for the
test, please use only .el, no .elc.

> so it's likely best to wait till Sean uploads the new binaries
> (IIRC this happens every Monday).  As soon as you tried with
> the new binaries tell me what you get.

I'll certainly do that.

But what about that `display-buffer' call in
`icicle-display-candidates-in-Completions'?  Can you suggest a change for it?
Does that code look like it _should_ work after your changes, or should it be

And you mentioned the `save-selected-window' around that `display-buffer' call.
Does that need to be changed somehow?

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