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bug#8996: Set PRIMARY from last selection, not last selected window

From: David De La Harpe Golden
Subject: bug#8996: Set PRIMARY from last selection, not last selected window
Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2011 20:11:53 +0100
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On 04/07/11 18:19, Stefan Monnier wrote:
With focus-follows-mouse (and/or mouse-autoselect-window), I often get
surprising results in my PRIMARY.  E.g.:

1- in window/frame 1 I select a piece of text "test" with the mouse.
2- I move the mouse to an xterm
3- I middle click, and lo and behold rather than "test" I see some
    unrelated selection inserted.

What happened is that at step 2 I happened to move the mouse over some
other Emacs window which happens to also have an active region, and my
focus-follows-mouse window manager (and/or mouse-autoselect-window
setting) caused Emacs to temporarily select this other region, changing
the PRIMARY selection from the "test" I just selected to something
completely different.

Erk. Sorry, yes, this AFAIK sounds like a known (to some people...) problem that is apparently still present in at least some circumstances. I actually meant to check if it was still occurring after the customization vs. binding thing was decided and if so file it as a bug.

I had previously mentioned the subtlety under #6774 (at least) [1], and ISTR Chong Yidong also being aware of it, though I'm having some trouble finding the relevant email, so hopefully I'm not unjustly saying that.

A fair bit of the implementation has AFAIK changed since #6774, but I guess the issue was carried forward.


Try it between two kate windows both with selected text, say - note how
the selection doesn't change depending on which window you're currently
in, it depends on the last text the user actively selected.

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