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bug#8943: octave mode: "mismatched parentheses" warning on multiline com

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#8943: octave mode: "mismatched parentheses" warning on multiline comments
Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2011 16:20:23 -0400
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tags 8943 wontfix

> When using multiline comments in octave mode, there is a "mismatched
> parentheses" warning issued to the mini-buffer when closing the comment.
> For example, the warning appears on the final "}" in the following code:

> %{
> blah blah blah 
> %}

> There doesn't seem to be any problems with indentation.  Also, I see the same
> result for both "#{" and "%{"

Indeed, that's a bug.  A related bug that can be seen in all programming
modes is that if you type something like

     // some comment (and some
     // side note).

the final ) will not be matched to the opening (.  It will either raise
a "mismatched parenthesis" warning or will be matched to some
unrelated open parenthesis.

Your case is slightly different since the paren is actually part
of the comment-marker rather than being inside the comment, but the
problem has basically the same origin.

I don't expect we'll fix this problem any time soon, tho.


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