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bug#965: 23.0.60; filesets doc

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#965: 23.0.60; filesets doc
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2011 09:39:02 -0700

> > I don't feel strongly about it, but why not handle that in 
> > the obvious way: Give XEmacs users the option, and don't
> > give GNU Emacs users the option (since they don't really
> > have an option anyway)?
> > (when (featurep 'xemacs) (defcustom...))
> Having the `defcustom' forms not be top-level has other negative
> effects, like etags not working.  And you wouldn't be able to 
> share .elc files...  if that's still possible.
> So I don't think this is worth doing anything about, so I'm 
> closing the report. 

Whoa!?  Wait a minute.  This bug is 99.999% about things other than that
defcustom.  This bug is about the filesets _doc_ - see the Subject line, and
please read the rest of the thread.

You replied only to the (afterthought) comment I made about the defcustom, so I
replied to you only about that.  But that is _not_ what this bug is really

[Wrt that defcustom:

At the very least we should add to its doc string that it _has no effect if you
are not using XEmacs_.  We should not be giving GNU Emacs users the impression
that they have an option here.

And I'm not sure you wouldn't be able to share .elc.  Are you sure that the
`when' itself won't be present (compiled) in the .elc?  IOW, are you sure that
if compiled with GNU Emacs you couldn't load the .elc in XEmacs and get the

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