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bug#10: url-gw should support HTTP CONNECT proxies

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: bug#10: url-gw should support HTTP CONNECT proxies
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2011 19:53:23 +0200
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Magnus Henoch <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Magnus,

> url-open-stream can choose among a few proxies (socks5, telnet,
> rlogin).  It would be nice if it would also support HTTP proxies using
> the CONNECT method.
> url-http contains a mention of the CONNECT header, but as far as I can
> see it never did anything useful.  Using url-http carries lots of
> implications that are only valid when using HTTP for data transport.
> Therefore I think that implementing a proxy client in url-gw is the
> correct way to do it.
> I intend to work on this.

What is the status of your work?

Tramp supports CONNECT tunneling for years. Maybe we shall move this
implementation to url-gw.el? Of course, for Emacs 24.2 only.

> Magnus

Best regards, Michael.

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