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bug#6174: 23.2; mouse-sel-mode doc is misleading

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#6174: 23.2; mouse-sel-mode doc is misleading
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2011 16:38:03 -0400
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>> The suggestion is to add the flag "pending" for stuff that should be
>> done (and we know how to do; like with a patch or the like), but that
>> has to wait until after Emacs is opened up for new features the next
>> cycle.

Sounds good, tho IIUC debbugs already has a notion of "pending" as a bug
state, so maybe we should use another word, such as "postpone".

> Glen Morris's suggestion above attaches a specific version to the tag
> (possibly in a non-standard fashion).  I think a pending flags is just
> fine, but it needs to be attached to a version number somehow.
> Otherwise it is inevitable that a report with the pending tag will
> remain "pending" at the time of the next release, with no one possibly
> realizing that it was meant for that release, and not the one
> succeeding.

That's a risk, indeed.  We could use a script to un-postpone all bugs
whenever the new branch is opened.

OTOH, we've used a different approach in the past: create a new branch
`pending' and install patches there.


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