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bug#1478: 23.0.60; doc string of custom-unlispify-*

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#1478: 23.0.60; doc string of custom-unlispify-*
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2011 10:13:59 -0700

1. I did not receive Lars's message explaining why he thinks this is not a bug.
Something wrong with the bug tracker?  I received a `close' message that said
nothing more than it is closed.  I had to go to the web site to see Lars's

2. I disagree with everything Lars wrote about this bug.

a. This is about _doc strings_.  It is not about the Customize UI.

b. `custom-unlispify-menu-entries': Please mention in the doc string what menu
is involved, and which menu entries.

c. `custom-unlispify-tag-names': No, this is not only "for (very special) people
who want to Customize low-level thingamabobs."

Just because you might not be interested in understanding this function, do not
assume that someone who wants to understand it intends to customize low-level
Customize thingamabobs.

I, as one user who wants to understand this, and who went to the trouble to file
a detailed bug report about missing info, do not know what is meant by a "tag"
in this context.

I have no intention of changing a tag (esp. since I don't even know what is
being referred to here by that name).   But I want to understand this doc

These doc strings are for users.  So far, they are not comprehensible.

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