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bug#9017: 24.0.50; gnutls.c: [0] (Emacs) fatal error: Key usage violatio

From: Roland Winkler
Subject: bug#9017: 24.0.50; gnutls.c: [0] (Emacs) fatal error: Key usage violation in certificate has been detected.
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2011 10:41:46 -0500

On Mon Jul 11 2011 Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen wrote:
> The bizarre thing is that this hangs:
> (make-network-process :name "smtpmail" :buffer (get-buffer-create "foo") :host
> "foo.bar.com" :service 465)
> But that seems virtually impossible.  `make-network-process' is a simple
> C function that just connect to the port in question.  If that hangs,
> then something is very wrong with your Emacs installation.  But I don't
> know what that could be.

Certainly it goes beyond my knowledge, too. All I can say is that
unfortunately I cannot use much emacs 24 if sending emails is not
possible for me.

Who knows more about such things?


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