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bug#3503: 23.0.94; Emacs manual, main menu typo

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#3503: 23.0.94; Emacs manual, main menu typo
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2011 10:21:50 -0700

> Drew is right, the Info output should not use ``..'' quoting here.
> Let me explain.
> Normally, when the Info output is produced from Texinfo sources,
> `makeinfo' converts ``...'' into "...", while in the printed 
> output, TeX
> converts that into "...".  This is why one normally should use ``...''
> in Texinfo, not "...".  But in menus, which are only visible in the
> Info output, this conversion is evidently not done, so ``...'' stays
> unchanged, which is not what we want.
> You will see further down the main menu that "..." is used correctly.
> Bottom line: the ``region'' thing (and ``edit'') should be changed to
> use "..."  quoting.

Thanks, and thanks for the explanation.  I know little about TexInfo and the
manual conventions.

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