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bug#8904: 24.0.50; describe `describe-prefix-bindings' in Emacs manual

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#8904: 24.0.50; describe `describe-prefix-bindings' in Emacs manual
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 08:40:32 -0700

> I was not enlightened.

Lars, you need better doc for this command. ;-)  Seriously.

To enlighten yourself and thus help in coming up with that doc:

1. See what the Elisp manual says, as the bug report indicated.
2. Consult the code, in help.el.

In #2 you will see this:

;; Make C-h after a prefix, when not specifically bound,
;; run describe-prefix-bindings.
(setq prefix-help-command 'describe-prefix-bindings)

Maybe this will help you see why code comments are not substitutes for doc
strings.  Had appropriate info been available to you interactively via `C-h f
describe-prefix-bindings' you would not have needed to ask others or consult the

Now try it:

C-x C-h
C-x RET C-h
M-s C-h

Another lesson learned: Not every command is designed to work best with `M-x'.

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