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bug#8176: 24.0.50; GUI toolkit differences

From: Tim Cross
Subject: bug#8176: 24.0.50; GUI toolkit differences
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2011 09:51:03 +1000

On Sat, Jul 16, 2011 at 2:33 AM, Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen <address@hidden> wrote:
> Tim Cross <address@hidden> writes:
>> OK, here is my attempt to draft an addition for 12.17.1 which may help
>> highlight the fact that not all toolkits are equivalent and what is
>> possible in some toolkits may not be possible in another.
> What node is this for?  That is, what's the name of the node?

22.17.1 Defining Menus

>> "It should be noted that not all GUI toolkits used by emacs are
>> equivalent. Some toolkits have specific constraints on how they are
>> used. These constraints may be due to technical limitations of the
>> toolkit or they may represent deliberate design choices. It is
>> possible to implement elisp which works as expected under one toolkit
>> and either does not work under another or gives unexpected results.
>> An exmaple of this is the use of menu actions or buttons in a top
>> level menu-bar. The following code will work in a top level menu when
>> emacs is built with either the Lucid X toolkit or on MS Windows, but
>> will fail to work correctly when emacs is built against the GTK+ or
>> NextStep toolkits. Under these toolkits, the code compiles and the
>> menu item appears in the top level menu, but clicking on the item
>> fails to execute the associated action.
>> (defun menu-action-greet ()
>>    (interactive)
>>    (message "Hello Emacs User!"))
>> (defun top-level-menu ()
>>   (interactive)
>>   (define-key lisp-interaction-mode-map [menu-bar m]
>>      '(menu-item "Action Button" menu-action-greet)))
> This looks reasonable to me (modulo a few typos :-).  A change of this
> size needs copyright assignment to the FSF, though.  Do you have such
> paperwork on file?


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