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bug#9105: Feature req: Remembering emacs frames, windows, buffer positio

From: ken
Subject: bug#9105: Feature req: Remembering emacs frames, windows, buffer position to subsequent session
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2011 01:07:22 -0400
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Often I'll have five or more frames open, some split vertically, perhaps
a couple split horizontally, all of them with different files (or
"buffers") in them-- though in some instances it's possible to have the
same buffer in more than one window or frame.  When I close emacs down
and then invoke it again, I'd like to have the same windows come up,
split the same way, with the same buffers/files in each frame and
window, and even with the frames in the same location onscreen as they
were in the prior session.  In short, the current session should be set
up exactly like the prior session at the time it was closed.

Yes, this is asking quite a bit.  So I'll add one more thing.  In Linux
and other OSs employing X it's possible to have multiple viewports
(i.e., desktops) and to place any GUI application into any viewport.  So
it's possible that all emacs windows might not be all in the same
viewport... six emacs frames could be positioned in two, four, or more
different viewports.  Accurately positioning all of them in the correct
viewports would constitute a thorough recreation of the previous session.


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