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bug#5502: compile.el uses non-mode-line faces in the mode line

From: Karl Berry
Subject: bug#5502: compile.el uses non-mode-line faces in the mode line
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2011 15:34:27 GMT

    global-font-lock-mode is usually meant to be the way to get that.
    As you know it doesn't work for everything

Uh huh.  I'll try again global-font-lock-mode again in the next release.
(And Glenn's attempt as soon as I have a chance, thanks Glenn.)

    For the mode-line/menu-bar/header-line and other such elements which are
    intrinsically visually distinct, the answer is much less clear because
    it's not clear what is meant by "turn off colorization".  I think what
    it means depends on what was the first version of Emacs you used ;-)

For mode-line, it doesn't depend on the version.  mode-line has always,
since day one, been in reverse video.  Otherwise the Emacs screen
becomes *completely* undifferentiated text, which isn't useful.  I don't
know what the latest global-font-lock-mode does, but I would urge in
principle that it keep the mode line in inverse video from the rest of
the text.  Otherwise all the same issues and frustrations would recur --
having to change certain faces and not others, etc.

If the question is what does reverse video mean, well, in the case of
black/white letters/background, the answer is clear :), and no other
cases are very interesting, so any reasonable answer will do.

As for header-line and menu-bar, I have no opinion since I don't use
them.  I don't even know what header-line is, shame on me.


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