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bug#9084: 24.0.50; displaying man pages splits the window and formats th

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#9084: 24.0.50; displaying man pages splits the window and formats the text for the full width of the whole frame rather than for the width of the window the text is displayed in, which is only 1/2 the width of the frame
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 19:36:37 +0200
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>> Hm, sounds good to me.  Is there some more info about this available?
>> Will this be implemented?
> I hope Martin could answer your questions whether in the new design
> is possible to achieve this by using window nests and splits.

`display-buffer' allows to specify (1) the minimum height/width for the
popped-up window (the window is not created if this can't be done), and
(2) a desired height/width of the window after it has been created.  If
this fails, the size of the popped-up window remains unchanged after the

For (2) you can either specify the desired size explicitly or call a
function like `fit-window-to-buffer' to adjust the size.  I just noticed
that the latter is broken because I call the function with the old
buffer (that is the one from the split window) instead of the new one.
I'll fix that tomorrow.

I don't know a function to fit the width of a window to the maximum line
length of the buffer it shows, but writing such a function should be
easy provided we have a function that tells us the maximum column within
a buffer.  BTW, is it impossible to use word wrapping for man pages?


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