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bug#9074: 24.0.50; problems trying to mail bug report, again

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#9074: 24.0.50; problems trying to mail bug report, again
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 08:05:38 -0700

> My preference would be to return to the bug-reporting 
> behavior users had before - much less confusing and invasive.
> Emacs is for everyone, not just programmers and not just 
> people familiar with SMTP or even with configuring a mail
> client for SMTP.  When a user tries to submit a bug report,
> starting out by asking about SMTP configuration is not good
> UI for a program such as Emacs that is aimed at everyone.
> A user who has email already set up - which is probably 
> 99.999% of computer and cell-phone users - should be able to
> send an Emacs bug report without any interaction with Emacs
> wrt mail setup.
> Just one opinion.  We are complicating things unnecessarily - 
> Occam's razor.
> Aside from sending a bug report, which should be for all 
> users, including non-techie Emacs newbies, I don't care so
> much how complicated things get (I care, but not as much).
> But we should be making bug reporting simpler, not more 
> scary, confusing, and difficult to use.

What's happening with this bug?

Time goes by, and still users are forced to jump through silly hoops just to
report a bug from emacs -Q.

This is not helpful to Emacs development, IMO.  It discourages bug reporting,
especially from newbies.  It is annoying in general.

And it is not necessary.  This is a regression.  We never had this nonsense
before.  Can we please restore the sane, simple, user-friendly approach we had

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