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bug#9196: integer and memory overflow issues (e.g., cut-and-paste crashe

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: bug#9196: integer and memory overflow issues (e.g., cut-and-paste crashes Emacs)
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2011 12:16:34 -0700
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I take your point that the checks add clutter, so I'll
revise the patch to address that problem, by adding a
couple of memory allocators that do the proper overflow
checking internally, so that callers don't need to
test for integer overflow.

This will take a bit of time to prepare and test, so
please bear with me, but to give you a feel here's a draft
of the revised patch to xgselect.c.  This simplifies
xgselect.c compared to what's in the trunk now.

--- src/xgselect.c      2011-07-01 09:18:46 +0000
+++ src/xgselect.c      2011-07-30 18:19:51 +0000
@@ -54,10 +54,8 @@
   do {
     if (n_gfds > gfds_size)
-        while (n_gfds > gfds_size)
-          gfds_size *= 2;
         xfree (gfds);
-        gfds = xmalloc (sizeof (*gfds) * gfds_size);
+        gfds = xpmalloc (&gfds_size, n_gfds - gfds_size, INT_MAX, sizeof 
     n_gfds = g_main_context_query (context,

On 07/29/11 22:52, Jan Djärv wrote:
> the checks that check for more than 2 billion command line arguments

Those checks are necessary for GNU/Hurd, which places
no limit on command line arguments, which means argc + 2
can overflow.  That being said, the revised patch will address
the clutter problem for the command-line issue as well, and
the resulting emacs.c will be simpler than what's in the
trunk now.

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