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bug#9305: emacsclient -n -c path/to/file # opens *scratch*

From: Stefan Klinger
Subject: bug#9305: emacsclient -n -c path/to/file # opens *scratch*
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2011 13:29:11 +0200
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Sorry, maybe I did not make myself clear

On 20 August 2011, Chong Yidong wrote with possible deletions:
> Yeah, the -c option to emacsclient means "create a new graphical frame".
> Currently, you need to omit -c if you want Emacs to reuse an existing
> frame.

I do not want to reuse an existing frame, I do want to have a new frame created.

But I want the new frame to show an existing buffer, if the requested file is 
already being visited.

> The trouble with this is that if no existing graphical frame exists,
> that will create a tty frame.

This is not the problem I  encountered.

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