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bug#9354: Re[2]: bug#9354: wishing to build, ./configure runs eternally

From: Алиса Безкреста
Subject: bug#9354: Re[2]: bug#9354: wishing to build, ./configure runs eternally
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2011 15:22:55 +0400


conf.log goes attached.

Suddenly I got it.

Some days ago I had my BIOS reset. Now, when I went to set the system date manually, I inserted day-month-year.

Can you imagine that it should have been the american way: month-day-year?

So I had my system date set for some months before real time. Very funny.

And then, when I wanted to build emacs, there goes configure checking round and round. It seems configure didn't like to have source files with a timestamp future to the system date. That night I dreamt of me draining the emacs52 source code down a time pit, but I couldn't get it built, unfortunately.

Now, this shouldn't have happened.

I could wish to build emacs with my system date consciously set for whatever I wanted.

Anyway, before I had this issue with building emacs, I built many other things with no apparent problem. Those configures of them didn't complain.

So I updated my system date and now emacs builds all right.

But I could refuse to change my system date, no matter what. Then, I could try to touch recursively the source code directory with find emacs-23.3 -exec touch {} \; and only after run ./configure.

I did that too and I built successfully emacs back in 1981.

Something should be made to immunise configure against these time discrepancies.

Unfortunately, my science doesn't go that far yet. I hope someone will do it.

Best regards

And many thanks for your reply and availability to help.

Alisa Bezkresta

24 августа 2011, 08:23 от Glenn Morris <address@hidden>:

> I entered the resulting source directory emacs-23.3 and ran ./configure.
> Then ./configure started to check and when it ended, without pause, it repeated the same checkings, and again and again...

It should not take configure more than a minute or so to run on a
reasonably modern machine.

Please try running configure from a clean start like:

./configure |& tee conf.log

Do you get to a point that looks like this:

    Configured for `x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu'.

    Where should the build process find the source code?...
    Does Emacs use toolkit scroll bars? yes

    configure: creating ./config.status

If so, please post conf.log from the start up to that point and say the
next 100 lines. Otherwise, please try to find the point at which it
starts to repeat itself and post everything up to that and the next 100

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