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bug#9402: list-colors-display

From: Jan D.
Subject: bug#9402: list-colors-display
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2011 07:40:30 +0200
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Juri Linkov skrev 2011-08-29 23:17:

IOW, when the user types `M-x customize-face RET region RET'
then s?he sees the color name "gtk_selection_fg_color".
Then the user might change it to some other color, but after that
it's difficult to restore the original default color name,
because the user don't remember this color name literally
and can't select it using completion or the "Choose" button
that lists all color names.

That is on purpose. Say a user customizes a face to use gtk_selection_fg_color and saves it. He then starts an Emacs compiled without Gtk+. What color shall Emacs use then?

        Jan D.

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