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bug#9448: asdf

From: Alan Mackenzie
Subject: bug#9448: asdf
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2011 17:01:47 +0000
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.21 (2010-09-15)

Hi, Eli and Glenn.

>  emacs -Q
>  C-x C-f foo.awk RET

> Type "# something" (without quotes).  The comment is not highlighted
> in the font-lock-comment face, as expected.  comment-start and
> comment-start-skip seem to have reasonable values.

A bit of binary chopping shows that the bug first became visible after
this change:

  revno: 104401
  committer: Chong Yidong <address@hidden>
  branch nick: trunk
  timestamp: Sat 2011-05-28 13:16:54 -0400
    Make CC modes inherit from prog-mode.

    * lisp/progmodes/cc-mode.el (c-mode, c++-mode, objc-mode, java-mode)
    (idl-mode, pike-mode, awk-mode): Inherit from prog-mode.

I cannot see anything in the change with looks remotely suspicious,
however.  Except, of course, that AWK Mode is now constructed by a macro
of some complexity, doubly invoked.

Deleting cc-fonts.elc (thus allowing cc-fonts.el to be loaded) gets
fontification of AWK comments working for me, too.

Alan Mackenzie (Nuremberg, Germany).

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