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bug#9648: 24.0.90; popup-menu doesn't work on Lucid Emacs

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: bug#9648: 24.0.90; popup-menu doesn't work on Lucid Emacs
Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2011 21:29:31 +0200
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The font Emacs chooses can be one of three:

If you have Xft (antialiased fonts) and one of Xsettings/Gsettings/GConf
it chooses the normal font for your desktop. You can see what it is by calling the lisp function font-get-system-font.

Otherwise, it uses Sans-10 if you have Xft, or the default Xt font if not.

        Jan D.

Katsumi Yamaoka skrev 2011-10-03 17:03:
Katsumi Yamaoka<address@hidden>  wrote:
Jan Djärv wrote:
Katsumi Yamaoka skrev 2011-10-02 03:01:
(require 'gnus-art)
(popup-menu gnus-mime-button-menu)
I get a box that seems to be a menu but no text is displayed in it.

Uhm, I couldn't reproduce it today.  The menu is displayed properly
with text.  Now I'm in the office and use Emacs that I built Friday
on Cygwin under Windows XP.  I'll try it again on Fedora 14 in home
about 14 hours later.

I'm home.  I verified it reproduces with the latest Emacs 24.0.90
(I built it minutes ago) on Fedora 14.  Here's a screenshot:


This happens with `emacs -Q', but setting the `Emacs*popup*font'
resource with any font that provides ASCII characters solves it.
Though it might not be an Emacs bug, I suspect there's something
that leads Emacs to choose a wrong font when there's no X resource
for `Emacs*popup*font'.

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