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bug#6339: url-filename => "/c:/some/file.txt"

From: Juanma Barranquero
Subject: bug#6339: url-filename => "/c:/some/file.txt"
Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2011 15:40:27 +0200

> Could someone (re)send the proposed patch?

The proposed patch is this, or something similar to this:

=== modified file 'lisp/url/url-parse.el'
--- lisp/url/url-parse.el       2010-06-22 16:48:53 +0000
+++ lisp/url/url-parse.el       2010-07-26 11:46:11 +0000
@@ -148,4 +148,5 @@
          ;; 3.3. Path
+         (when (looking-at "/") (forward-char 1))
          ;; Gross hack to preserve ';' in data URLs
          (setq save-pos (point))

but the gist of it is, make url-generic-parse-url not consider the
slash separator as part of the path. If we agree in that, we can then
decide whether that place is the right one to do it or not.


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