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bug#7583: 23.2; ido loads tramp too eagerly

From: Thierry Volpiatto
Subject: bug#7583: 23.2; ido loads tramp too eagerly
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2011 23:20:22 +0200
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Michael Albinus <address@hidden> writes:

> Thierry Volpiatto <address@hidden> writes:
>> The problem, I guess is tramp start immediately when you enter the first
>> ":" due to `tramp-file-name-regexp'.  This is a common problem for all
>> incremental UI with tramp.
>> In anything i let bound `tramp-file-name-regexp' to another value that
>> wait you type in the second ":".
>> I don't know for ido but due to it's nature, i guess it's the same.>
>> See `anything-ff-set-pattern' in anything-config.el.
>> http://repo.or.cz/w/anything-config.git
>>   (let ((methods (mapcar 'car tramp-methods))
>>         (reg "\\`/\\([^[/:]+\\|[^/]+]\\):.*:")
>>         cur-method tramp-name)
>> Where reg replace the tramp regexp.
> You disable then method / user name / host name completion. If you want
> so, you shall make it configurable, at least.
Actually yes, this completion is disabled, but why do you have to start 
tramp to have such completion?
i.e There is no need to start tramp to make a completion based on the
content of ~/.ssh/config

Maybe tramp should have other regexp(s) that (try to) complete this without
starting tramp.

Note that this kind of completion lead to bugs in other places in Emacs.
e.g create an ssh hostname in ~/.ssh/config that start by "t", and in
eshell, write /t and <tab> to complete to "/tmp"; tramp will start and 

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