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bug#9819: 24.0.50; Docstring of `define-minor-mode' and KEYMAP

From: Deniz Dogan
Subject: bug#9819: 24.0.50; Docstring of `define-minor-mode' and KEYMAP
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2011 00:57:49 +0200

I read in the docstring of `define-minor-mode':

Optional KEYMAP is the default keymap bound to the mode keymap.
  If non-nil, it should be a variable name (whose value is a keymap),
  or an expression that returns either a keymap or a list of
  arguments for `easy-mmode-define-keymap'.  If KEYMAP is not a symbol,
  this also defines the variable MODE-map.


:keymap MAP     Same as the KEYMAP argument.

The way I interpret that is: if I don't pass a KEYMAP argument, it will
define a variable named `MODE-map'.  However, this doesn't happen when I
use this code:

(define-minor-mode helo-track-minor-mode
  "Global minor mode for tracking activity in helo buffers."
  :init-value nil
  :lighter ""
  :global t
  :group 'helo

Am I misunderstanding the docstring or is this a bug?


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