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bug#9350: 23.3; File menu should contain "split window horizontally C-x

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#9350: 23.3; File menu should contain "split window horizontally C-x 3"
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011 20:59:44 +0200
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>> I'd eventually want to rename `split-window' to `new-window' or
>> `make-new-window' and give it a fourth argument - the buffer to show in
>> the new window.
> Isn't this semantically equivalent to `switch-to-buffer-other-window'?

No.  `split-window' is low-level.  But you're right in the sense that
calls to it should be replaced by `switch-to-buffer' wherever possible.

> And since this bug report is about menu items, another question:
> after shifting the emphasis from windows/frames to just places where
> to display buffers, wouldn't it make more sense to move window/frame
> related menu items from the "File" menu to the "Buffers" menu?

Conceptually yes.  IIRC some of the buffer switching functions were in
files.el only until recently.  So the presence of window handling
function in the File menu is probably historically motivated.  But menus
are (also) for people who might not even know what buffers, windows or
frames are.  Most of them know what files are.

> This will also balance these menus where the "File" menu is
> currently overpopulated, and the size of the "Buffers" menu
> is limited anyway (later it could be organized into submenus
> grouped by modes etc.)

Doesn't the buffer menu get crowded when there are lots of live buffers?
I can't tell because I have (global-set-key [menu-bar buffer] nil) in my
.emacs for years.


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