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bug#3419: 23.0.94; calc, calendar and temp-buffer-resize-mode

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#3419: 23.0.94; calc, calendar and temp-buffer-resize-mode
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 18:15:57 +0200
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>> Calc could make its windows fixed-size but that's hardly reasonable with
>> the current handling of fixed-size windows.  Any option affecting only
>> the initial size of Calc windows won't help in the present case either.
>> We could give Calc window parameters, say ideal-height and ideal-width,
>> and try to use these when exiting `temp-buffer-resize-mode' but writing
>> the corresponding code won't be trivial.
>> martin
> Is there a satisfactory solution in light of the new windowing features?

It depends on what you want.  You can resove the example in your
original posting

> 1. Emacs -Q
> 2. (temp-buffer-resize-mode t)
> 3. M-x calc
> 4. h h

by doing

(setq temp-buffer-max-height
      (lambda (buffer)
         (/ (- (frame-height) 2) 2))))

in your .emacs (personally I think that this should be the default
value).  If you refer to Jay's remark

> I've never used temp-buffer-resize-mode before, but if it's supposed to
> make a window a better size for displaying a temporary buffer, I'm
> surprised it doesn't change anything back when the buffer is killed or
> hidden.

that is you want to get the *scratch* window back in its original size,
then typing "q" in the help window should do what you want.


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