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bug#9919: 24.0.91; font-lock broken in dired

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#9919: 24.0.91; font-lock broken in dired
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 15:06:49 -0700

Note: If I do M-: (font-lock-refresh-defaults) in Dired then I get the
highlighting I should (already) have gotten according to `font-lock-defaults'.

Why is this extra call suddenly necessary?  What new Emacs 24 "feature" does
this map to?  Where is the Dev log that corresponds to this change? (I see no
change in font-lock.el, for instance.)

If this user-visible change is intended, then please (a) update the doc to
explain it, and (b) mention the change in NEWS.

(BTW, the name `font-lock-refresh-defaults' seems to be unfortunate.  Apparently
this function does _not_ refresh the font-lock defaults.  Instead, it refreshes
`font-lock-keywords' (and perhaps other things?) based on the current value of
`font-lock-defaults'.  The doc string even says the same thing: "... after
recomputing from defaults".  Recomputing font locking _from defaults_ is very
different from refreshing the defaults.  The value of `font-lock-defaults' is
not "refreshed" or otherwise changed in any way.)

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