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bug#9934: 24.0.91; `region-active-p' definition

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#9934: 24.0.91; `region-active-p' definition
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2011 11:13:16 -0700

> > When transient mark mode is off, the region and mark are
> > *never* active
> If transient mark mode is off then the mark is active as
> soon as it is set.

Prove it.  Show me the code that supports such a claim.

Nonsensical.  If t-m mode is off, what does it mean for the mark to be active or
inactive?  Nothing.

What user-visible or code-visible difference does it make whether the mark is
"active" or "inactive" when t-m mode is off?  None.

There is no such notion ("active") when t-m mode is off.  Never has been.
Cannot be.

You cannot have a distinction (e.g., active vs inactive) unless there is some
_difference_ in behavior.  When t-m mode is off there are not two states for the
mark - no distinction.

There is no active region when t-m-m  mode is off - there is just the region: it
does not have two states active/inactive.

An active mark _means_ an active region, and vice versa.  And activeness is
indicated by highlighting.  Deactivating the mark turns off the highlighting.
This is straight out of the doc, and it corresponds with both Emacs history and,
well, logic.

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