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bug#9959: 24.0.90; `count-words' command from a narrowed buffer

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#9959: 24.0.90; `count-words' command from a narrowed buffer
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2011 07:34:58 -0800

> > The message should begin with something like
> > "Buffer (narrowed part) has ...".
> Like `C-x =' displays information about a narrowed buffer
> in angle brackets `<...>', `count-words' could do the same
> and display both widened and narrowed counts.

FWIW, in Emacs generally, "buffer (narrowed part)" is referred to as the buffer

But I'm not sure that users unfamiliar with the term would understand it
immediately in a prompt.  Same potential problem with an unexplained convention
such as `<...>'.  I don't have a better suggestion, however.  So far, I'd lean
toward, "Buffer restriction has 112 lines, 673 words, 6074 chars"

Or maybe both counts could be shown, making it a bit clearer what the info is?
"Buffer (restriction): 1135 (112) lines, 6894 (673) words, 70452 (6074) chars".
And in that case, maybe "Buffer (narrowed)..." would be better.  Another
possibility (shorter):

 Narrowed/total: 112/1135 lines, 673/6894 words, 6074/70452 chars

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