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bug#9990: valgrind warning in add_row_entry

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: bug#9990: valgrind warning in add_row_entry
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2011 17:30:58 +0200

> From: Dan Nicolaescu <address@hidden>
> Cc: address@hidden
> Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2011 00:56:18 -0500
> I got another (maybe) similar one.  For this one I had the option that
> shows the location of uninitialized variable.  This happened after doing C-h 
> H.

Is this reproducible?  If so, can you tell how to reproduce it?

> ==4752== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
> ==4752==    at 0x4137ED: update_window (dispnew.c:1276)
> ==4752==    by 0x414F02: update_window_tree (dispnew.c:3326)
> ==4752==    by 0x4181CD: update_frame (dispnew.c:3253)
> ==4752==    by 0x440E7B: redisplay_internal (xdisp.c:13175)
> ==4752==    by 0x4F0A87: read_char (keyboard.c:2443)
> ==4752==    by 0x4F2F46: read_key_sequence.constprop.14 (keyboard.c:9290)
> ==4752==    by 0x4F4C14: command_loop_1 (keyboard.c:1447)
> ==4752==    by 0x559B55: internal_condition_case (eval.c:1499)
> ==4752==    by 0x4E7FED: command_loop_2 (keyboard.c:1158)
> ==4752==    by 0x559A37: internal_catch (eval.c:1256)
> ==4752==    by 0x4E94EE: recursive_edit_1 (keyboard.c:1123)
> ==4752==    by 0x515CFB: read_minibuf (minibuf.c:677)
> ==4752==  Uninitialised value was created by a heap allocation
> ==4752==    at 0x4A0649D: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:236)
> ==4752==    by 0x5407CF: xrealloc (alloc.c:742)
> ==4752==    by 0x411001: adjust_glyph_matrix (dispnew.c:580)
> ==4752==    by 0x41148C: allocate_matrices_for_window_redisplay 
> (dispnew.c:1838)
> ==4752==    by 0x4119DC: adjust_frame_glyphs (dispnew.c:2167)
> ==4752==    by 0x416BC9: adjust_glyphs (dispnew.c:1860)
> ==4752==    by 0x4686A7: Fdelete_other_windows_internal (window.c:2809)
> ==4752==    by 0x55B9FB: Ffuncall (eval.c:2977)
> ==4752==    by 0x593BE5: exec_byte_code (bytecode.c:785)
> ==4752==    by 0x55AE2A: eval_sub (eval.c:2328)
> ==4752==    by 0x559A37: internal_catch (eval.c:1256)
> ==4752==    by 0x594567: exec_byte_code (bytecode.c:966)

It seems to tell that some glyph row(s) whose glyphs are reallocated

          while (row < end)
                = xnrealloc (row->glyphs[LEFT_MARGIN_AREA],  <<<<<<<<<<<
                             dim.width, sizeof (struct glyph));

don't have their hash values initialized, and so this comparison
within row_equal_p:

  if (a == b)
    return 1;
  else if (a->hash != b->hash)  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    return 0;

uses uninitialized value.

The strange thing is, the above xnrealloc is not supposed to affect
the row's hash value in any way, it just reallocates its glyphs.  So I
cannot make heads or tails out of this.  And the hash value is
initialized to zero for additional glyph rows added to a glyph matrix,
in this fragment:

  /* Enlarge MATRIX->rows if necessary.  New rows are cleared.  */
  if (matrix->rows_allocated < dim.height)
      int old_alloc = matrix->rows_allocated;
      new_rows = dim.height - matrix->rows_allocated;
      matrix->rows = xpalloc (matrix->rows, &matrix->rows_allocated,
                              new_rows, INT_MAX, sizeof *matrix->rows);
      memset (matrix->rows + old_alloc, 0,
              (matrix->rows_allocated - old_alloc) * sizeof *matrix->rows);

The call to `memset' should zero out all the fields of each glyph_row
that were just added to enlarge the matrix.

However, I spotted something strange related to the call to
row_equal_p, here:

  /* Skip over rows equal at the bottom.  */
  i = last_new;
  j = last_old;
  while (i - 1 > first_new
         && j - 1 > first_old
         && MATRIX_ROW (current_matrix, i - 1)->enabled_p
         && (MATRIX_ROW (current_matrix, i - 1)->y
             == MATRIX_ROW (desired_matrix, j - 1)->y)
         && !MATRIX_ROW (desired_matrix, j - 1)->redraw_fringe_bitmaps_p
         && row_equal_p (MATRIX_ROW (desired_matrix, i - 1),
                         MATRIX_ROW (current_matrix, j - 1), 1))
    --i, --j;

Some of these conditions use incorrect indices to access the glyph
matrices: `i' should be used for the current matrix and `j' for the
desired matrix.  Some of these conditions use `i' and `j' correctly,
some don't.  So it's possible, for example, that the test of the
enabled_p flag produces incorrect results, and we then proceed calling
row_equal_p on a row which is not enabled and whose hash was not
computed by redisplay.

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