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bug#10023: 24.0.91; `mark-whole-buffer' doesn't always "mark the whole b

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug#10023: 24.0.91; `mark-whole-buffer' doesn't always "mark the whole buffer"
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2011 14:30:09 -0500
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Dani Moncayo wrote:

> The `mark-whole-buffer' command, when invoked from a narrowed buffer,
> doesn't mark the whole buffer (like its name, docstring and the manual
> say) but only the narrowed portion.
> Therefore, I think that:
> * The docstring and the manual should explain this use-case.
> * The command name could be renamed to just `mark-buffer', since the
> "whole" part is specially unfortunate.

>From the Emacs manual on narrowing:

    When you have narrowed down to a part of the buffer, that part
    appears to be all there is.  You can't see the rest, you can't move
    into it (motion commands won't go outside the accessible part), you
    can't change it in any way.

This is a common concept that I don't think needs to be explained in
the doc of every command that it might effect. `mark-whole-buffer'
definitely does not need to be renamed.

Narrow-to-region is a disabled command; you get a notice about this kind
of thing when you invoke it.

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