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bug#10092: 24.0.91; `C-g' makes Emacs to crash

From: Dani Moncayo
Subject: bug#10092: 24.0.91; `C-g' makes Emacs to crash
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 11:26:36 +0100

On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 10:20, Dani Moncayo <address@hidden> wrote:
> From "emacs -Q", simply type "C-g".

This is from a version built yesterday at home, which I've zipped and
brought (via DropBox) to my workplace, where I've seen this crash.  So
I'm thinking that probably the problem is in the
zipping/transport/unzipping process.

I will check this at home this evening.

Dani Moncayo

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