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bug#10072: 23.3; invisible text

From: Andrew Kurn
Subject: bug#10072: 23.3; invisible text
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 03:12:27 -0800
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On Sun 20 Nov 2011 16:27 -0800, Drew Adams wrote:
> > > Fundamentally it's a bug, and I generally don't like to 
> > > document bugs.
> > 
> > On this point I disagree with you very strongly.  It's much /more/
> > important to document bugs than any other aspect of the code.  I have
> > told several students this from time to time, and, like you, they
> > tend to resist the idea.
> > 
> > I gather that there is no great push on to remedy this behavior,
> > so this bug may hang around for some time . . .
> FWIW - Bugs, other known problems, and workarounds are typically *not*
> documented as part of the technical doc itself.  One reason for this is that 
> the
> doc is meant to describe what the product does, or rather, what it should do,
> what it is supposed to do.  In a way, the doc is like a spec that the product 
> is
> meant to reflect.

Ah, another voice, and also an intelligent one.  It's gratifying to
meet the interesting community of Emacs-developers.  I do so much
of my coding on my own . . .

Anyhow, I'd say I'm still in disagreement about this with you.  However,
I'm pleased with the way the proposed wording is written (as you'll see
in the next message), so I'd say the issue is resolved.


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