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bug#10117: duplicate evaluation of after-change-functions hooks in rever

From: Tiphaine Turpin
Subject: bug#10117: duplicate evaluation of after-change-functions hooks in revert-buffer
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 12:18:15 +0100
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I'm having a strange behavior while trying to track the modifications to a buffer: calling revert-buffer triggers the following calls to my after-change-functions hook - a region deletion (which is exactly the changed region between the buffer and the file)
- a region insertion (the new contents for the changed region)
- the same insertion again.
I don't care about how many modifications the reverting is splited into, or whether these are minimal or all the buffer contents is considered new, but the duplicate insertion leads me into invalid assumptions about the new contents (I use this to maintain a exact mapping of the buffer into an external tool).

Am I wrong when I assume that the sequence of modifications passed to the after-change-functions is an exact trace of the buffer contents evolution ? What could possibly cause such a duplicate event ?

Note: I'm not doing anything strange in the hook like changing the buffers' contents. This is just a numeric computation which update some buffer-local variables which track the set of "unprocessed" modifications. The hook is added as buffer-local (and global value of after-change-functions is nil).


Tiphaine Turpin

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