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bug#10122: 24.0.91; C-x C-v, invisible text: "Cannot switch...dedicated

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#10122: 24.0.91; C-x C-v, invisible text: "Cannot switch...dedicated window"
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 15:33:27 -0800

This is with my setup.  I don't have a recipe from emacs -Q.
Among other things, buffers that have names `*...*' are special-display,
and I have non-nil `pop-up-frames'.
In a small elisp file buffer, I make a couple of contiguous
definitions invisible, using (put-text-property (region-beginning)
(region-end) 'invisible t).
Then I do `C-x C-v' and accept the default, which is the same file.
I enter `no' to the question about saving modified buffer, and
`yes' to the question about killing and replacing without saving.
Buffer *Pp Eval Ouput* pops up (in a separate frame), with value `nil'
displayed.  Just after it pops up, buffer *Backtrace* pops up, with this:
Debugger entered--Lisp error: (error "Buffer name `throw-test.el' is in use")
  byte-code("..." [obuf ofile buffer-file-name onum buffer-file-number
                   otrue lock-buffer rename-buffer buffer-file-truename
                   odir dired-directory oname] 2)
  signal(error ("Cannot switch buffers in a dedicated window"))
  error("Cannot switch buffers in a dedicated window")
  old-switch-to-buffer(#<buffer throw-test.el> nil force-same-window)
  switch-to-buffer(#<buffer throw-test.el> nil force-same-window)
  find-file("c:/drews-lisp-20/throw-test.el" t)
  find-alternate-file("c:/drews-lisp-20/throw-test.el" t)
  call-interactively(find-alternate-file nil nil)

Also, buffer `**lose**' has taken the place of the original elisp file
buffer in the same (undedicated) window.  The content of buffer `**lose**'
is the elisp buffer content, with the hidden sexps still invisible.

The original lisp buffer still exists, but is not displayed.
If I display it I see the whole buffer - nothing is invisible.

It seems like maybe:
(a) something causes an evaluation, which shows *Pp Eval Output*
    (even for the small value `nil' - no idea why)
(b) perhaps *Pp Eval Output* becomes the current buffer (?)
(c) since it is in a dedicated window, Emacs barfs, saying it is
    unable to show the orginal file in that same window.
I do not see the same problem if there is no invisible text.  Buffer
*Messages* shows nothing particular.  I have no idea what evaluation
led to *Pp Eval Output* being shown, nor why it would be shown for as
simple a value as nil.
Note that the elisp file buffer was NEVER shown in a dedicated window.
There were NO dedicated windows when I used `C-x C-v'.  The first
dedicated window shown was *Pp Eval Output*, and the second was
*Backtrace*.  There were no other dedicated windows.

This is the (re)definition of `switch-to-buffer' that I use:

(defun switch-to-buffer (buffer-or-name &optional norecord force-same-window)
     (list (read-buffer-to-switch "Switch to buffer: ")
           nil 'force-same-window))
    (let ((orig-buf    (current-buffer))
          (switch-buf  (old-switch-to-buffer
                        buffer-or-name norecord force-same-window)))
      (when (and (one-window-p t)
                 (not (eq switch-buf orig-buf)) ; Don't resize if same buffer.

where `old-switch-to-buffer' was defined this way:
(fset 'old-switch-to-buffer (symbol-function 'switch-to-buffer))

This is 100% reproducible, but as I say, this is with my setup.
Perhaps you have enough info to figure the problem out?

In GNU Emacs (i386-mingw-nt5.1.2600) of 2011-11-21 on MARVIN
 Windowing system distributor `Microsoft Corp.', version 5.1.2600
 configured using `configure --with-gcc (4.6) --no-opt --cflags
 -ID:/devel/emacs/libs/gnutls-2.10.1/include --ldflags

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