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bug#10125: 24.0.91; package.el (org): Macros in tar packages & order of

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: bug#10125: 24.0.91; package.el (org): Macros in tar packages & order of byte compilation
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2011 17:42:38 +0530

There have been constant flow of issues from users who install daily org
tar balls from GNU ELPA.

The problem concerns itself with the defmacros that are introduced in
the *daily* tar but are *unavailable* in the *emacs* core. At the end of
the package installation these new macros never get recognized as macros
and gets compiled in as function calls. This triggers crashes at a later

Note that there are no such defmacro issues that get reported from users
who install org from git repo using conventional make and make install.

The crux of the issue is this:

1. While building via Makefile, there is an implicit dependency that is
*enforced* via make rules and files with macro definitions are compiled
ahead of their consumers.

2. While building from ELPA, the compilation order seems to be
alphabetical. So the files get compiled bass ackwards. For example,
org-macs.el gets compiled after org-agenda.el.

In summary, there needs to be a way to specify the order in which files
are compiled in a multifile tar.

A supplementary question to (2):

During the package compilation, when encountering (require
'some-org-library-with-macros) does the library get loaded from *within*
the tarball or from the *emacs core*.

I hope this description is sufficient. I can cite actual posts from
orgmode mailing list if additional information is needed.

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