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bug#10457: (Broken?) programmable completion in shell buffers

From: Oleksandr Manzyuk
Subject: bug#10457: (Broken?) programmable completion in shell buffers
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2012 20:20:55 +0000

I don't yet fully understand what is going on here, but I think I have
a fix (arguably, not very attractive) for the lockup problem: if I
replace the line

(pcomplete-opt "01234567ABCFGKLMNOPRSTUVWXZbcdfghiklmoprstuvwxz")

in the code for `pcomplete/tar' in pcmpl-gnu.el with

  (lambda (char)
    (concat "-" (char-to-string char)))

then I finally get the behavior I am after: typing "tar -" and
pressing TAB pops up a completions buffer with short options, and if I
press SPC now, the completions buffer is popped down (ditto for "tar

The two versions seem to be equivalent modulo bookkeeping, except that
`pcomplete-here*' runs `pcomplete-try-first-hook'.  Why are they
operationally different?

Oleksandr Manzyuk

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